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Shipping to India

India along with China is emerging as a major economy in Asia and this fact cannot be ignored by any shipping company. Understanding the vital requirement for standard shipping to India, we cater the specific needs from customers from the US and other places. Unlike the US India’s import is quite restricted and carries higher taxes or ‘duty' which is important for exporters to know to rule out any legal dispute. Nevertheless, we provide due diligence services to customers who are shipping to India which can be highly beneficial.

Auto Shipping to India at Low-Cost

Our auto shipping to India is available at highly affordable tariff wherein customers get to transport vehicles and other machineries to India with ease. There are certain requirements that need to be fulfilled by clients or customers when exporting automobiles to India; for instance, owning a valid VISA, inventory list in English for all items, Indian Customs Declaration form, Diplomatic Shipments, and Insurance policy are considered vital. Nevertheless, certain products such as weapons, firearms and ammunition, pornography of any kind, etcetera are not permitted in India.

While looking for auto shipping to India, senders must consider for shipping quotes that are made available online by us. We provide exclusive shipping quotes so that our customers are able to plan shipping in advance; what they need to do is fill the shipping quotation form with right and relevant information about shipping i.e. weight of the object, distance it will cover, space it will occupy and others. Based on these very factors, the shipping cost is determined and sent to customers; thus, helping out potential customers or users we with our online shipping quotes are here to facilitate safe and secure shipping.

Safe and Secure Shipping to India

Like shipping to China, we also provide safe and secure shipping to India wherein every care is given to safety and security of the goods shipped to India. Using containerized shipping method we ensure that the automobiles or household items shipped to India reach safely and securely. Thus, ensuring safe and guaranteed shipping to India, we are here to deliver as per our promises that we make while soliciting our clients and customers. Newly rich people in India are more willing to buy expensive branded cars from the US and Europe and for that they need sophisticatedly safe shipping services. No stone is left unturned while providing shipping to India from the point of view of safety and security.

Ship From Any City in the USA - Restrictions apply depending on your shipping method.

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