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Ship Your Household Goods Safely With Us

From linen to crockery to furniture items to CDs to TVs, we ship almost everything you have your home. Our household goods shipping services is meant to help you relocate to any place in the map without any worry. We provide seamless shipping services for your entire lightweight to heavyweight household items and goods like sofas and other furniture, heavy electronic devices, etc. amongst others.

You save Money and Time When You Hire Us

We pack everything you have at your house from fragile antiquities to durable books. Our trick is to buffer and separate the fragile items we pack with old newspaper, bubble wrap, sheets, blankets, pillows and towels. Also, we wrap fragile items separately to avoid any damage and fill in empty spaces to minimize movement during transportation.

Thorough Planning Necessary for Safe Household Shipping

Our effort is to provide you with safe and secure shipping and for that we use sturdy and reinforced cartons. You can either give us buying from some superstore or may ask us for we have everything that is needed for seamless shipping. Nonetheless, there is additional charge for durable and sturdy cartons that we use for packing, it is worth an investment. Apart from foolproof packing, we also provide strategic palletizing so that no goods are damaged when these are being transported.

Our marine insurance will ensure that you get compensation for the losses that you incurred. Such an arrangement will definitely help you have confidence in us for household items shipping to any location in the world.

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Ship From Any City in the USA - Restrictions apply depending on your shipping method.

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